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Archtop Shaping

We sculpt the shape of the archtops like the traditional string instruments found in classical music. Within our acoustic concept, it allows to spread the top's string pressure on a greater surface and provides a better stability.

The shape of the arching on all of our guitars is handmade, by that process we can evaluate the homogeneity of the wood or the diversity of density within the same piece of wood. As a consequence of all the attention given in the previous step, we can analyse and workout precisely the thickness of the inside of the arching for an optimal result.

Off center top opening

We choose to place an off centered opening on the top of our acoustics and archtops models.

On the archtops, it allows to obtain a bigger and optimal surface of vibration. Standards “F” holes tend to cut the surface of vibration and create two “dead zone” on the extremities. Our concept homogenize the frequency range and add some bass and trebble, therefore the sound will be fuller and soften the “snuffly” medium caracter of that type of instruments.


All our necks are made with double action truss rod and two reinforcement carbon bars. The benefit is a better stability due to the nearly perfect homogeneity of carbon unlike wood, it is also a guide to the truss rod action and allows a more precise set up.

Arch Bracing

A la manière d'une voûte, le "Arch Bracing" est un modelage du bois du dos qui permet de soutenir une pression beaucoup plus grande pour une épaisseur de celui-ci et de ses barrages bien moindre que sur la plupart des guitares acoustiques. Nous obtenons donc une nouvelle fois une échelle de fréquence plus grande et libérée, la guitare respire beaucoup plus sans pour autant être fragilisée.

Ce système combiné à celui de la table confère à la guitare une puissance étonnante, et une richesse sonore très grande.

Nous appelons ce système le "Arch Bracing"