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Jazz Rock JR31

Presentation Model 3 190 €

This guitar with discrete look turns out to be a real Swiss army knife! A warm and precise clear tone at ease in Jazz but also Blues, Funk. As soon as you switch on the overdrive, a thick sound with huge sustain transports you to the heart of your influences and at that moment, the real pleasure of the "electric sound" begins.
This model can be configured with a Bigsby or Duesenberg tremolo, P90, Charlie Christian, or Humbucker pickups of the brand of your choice.
This curvaceous design is in line with Écho d'Artistes'Archtop guitars, with manually sculpted top and back.

We have made sure to put together the best materials to build the instrument that will make you vibrate and exceed your limits.

Top: Sitka; optional: Adirondack or European spruce
Back & sides: Flamed cherry wood or Flamed mapple (France, Jura), other kinds on demand
Head veneer, Fretboard: Ebony
Neck: Mapple 3 parts (Cedro also available) + 2 reinforcement carbon bars
Bidings: Mahogany, mapple, ebony
Scale length: 625mm
Bracing: Papple Central Block
Tuners: Gotoh 510
Pickup: Kent Armstrong PAF, other models available from boutique partners
Electronic: 1 Volume Bridge PU, 1 Volume Neck PU, 1 Tone Bridge PU, 1 Tone Neck PU
Finition: Polyurethana mat or gloss

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