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Presentation Model 8 490 €

We should have named this amazing guitar "Coup de coeur". Indeed, it is with a master's hand that Angelo creates melodies and revisits standards played a thousand times, but from his hands comes complex variations of its own. It's the same feeling that Angelo felt when he grabbed the guitar, a combination of complex gestures to carve the solid top and back, and a unique sound. At that moment, a friendship was born with a mutual "Coup de coeur" and the duty to honor the work of the other.
A unique instrument for a unique artist.

Top: European Spruce (Adirondack optional)
Back & sides: Flamed cherry or Mapple (Figured is optional)
Head veneer, Fretboard, Tail piece, Bridge (adjustable): Ebony
Neck: Mapple 3 parts (Cedro also available) + 2 reinforcement carbon bars
Bidings: Mahogany, mapple, ebony
Scale length: 670mm
Bracing: European spruce
Tuners: Gotoh 510
Pickup: Kent Armstrong
Electronic: 1 Volume, 1 Tone control 500k “Shatten Design”
Finition: Cellulose or Polyurethane

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