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Who are we ?



It is amidst Fronton's vineyards, in the French region of Occitany that the creators of the Echo d'Artiste workshop have chosen to settle.

Three music passionate individuals have allied their expertise and skills to build musical instruments with exceptional acoustic qualities, maximum stability and a playability which when colluding with your inspiration will reveal the powerful character of our guitars.

We select our woods in the best locations, whether in Canada or all over Europe, the goal being to combine the aesthetics of the species with the acoustic quality that we value.

We adapted our guitars with a “Sound Port”, which is an opening on the side, to fully enjoy the acoustic qualities while preserving the projection of the instrument. To make it work, a special X bracing has been designed for this purpose.

Fabrication d'instrument de musique


Montage des cordes de guitare


Fabrication de guitare


fabrication artisanale d'instrument de musique


Modelage du bois du dos de guitare


Sélection du bois pour vos instruments de musique




We specialise in Guitars, Bass guitars and Strings (violins, cellos, double bass).

Buying an instrument is an important step in any musician’s life. Your trust in us is something we greatly value.

Before we take any purchase order, we spend time with our clients to carefully analyse their requirements, whether it is the aesthetics or the intonations.

We strive for excellence and wish to ensure you are fully satisfied with the instrument we will build.

You are welcome to book an appointment to meet us and play our instruments.

fabrication d'instrument de musique


From start to finish, we conceive your instrument to achieve optimum results. Every step of the building process is carefully done and inspected to fully respect the conception.

reparation d'instrument de musique

Repairs / Restoration

Our “Surgery” has been set up to give a new lease of life to your beloved instruments.

stage de luthier


Nous vous offrons également la possibilité de venir vous former au métier de la lutherie sous l’œil avisé de notre formateur certifié Benjamin De Oliveira. Plusieurs modules de formations vous sont proposés en fonction de vos ambitions, qu'elles soient initiatiques ou à but professionnalisant.

The Team


Childeric Aubert

Childéric Aubert

My musical journey began in my prime as I learned to play various instruments such as the saxophone, percussions and my first guitar, the gateway to learning about self-expression.

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My passion for music had to take a back sit for a while to make space for a more mundane professional path but life and destiny had another plan for me and you have guessed it, my path crossed those of Benjamin and Alexandre with whom the next chapter is currently taking place. We are living the dream through this wonderful project of ours, Echo d’Artistes.

Along with my expertise in entrepreneurship and more specifically management, Master De Oliveira patiently and kindly took the time to teach me the ancient art of “lutherie”. All the while our good friend Alexandre put his musical ear to good use as he tested each and every instrument ready to leave the workshop, pushing us towards acoustic excellence.

This is how today our instruments, our children, our protégés, find themselves in the benevolent hands of known or unknown artists, such as the great Angelo Debarre or the most modest but no less surprising Adrien Tarraga.

And this is just the start of our story...

Alexandre Azzola

Alexandre Azzola

My passion for string instruments began when I turned 13. I acquired an acoustic guitar and never looked back. My interest soon veered towards electric guitars as I started playing with a local band in the Gers region of SW France.

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Feeling that the general school curriculum did not suit my needs, I decided to do an apprenticeship in carpentry for two years. Time went by and in 1997 I left to study music at the MAI (Music Academy international) in Nancy.

Thereafter, I found employment in a guitar shop in Strasbourg and stayed there for a year.

I then decided to make my way to the English capital, London, where I lived for 12 years.

When I returned to France in 2011, I started working in a local guitar store where I met Benjamin and Childeric with whom the Echo d'Artistes project saw the light.... For the rest of the story come and see us!!

Benjamin De Oliveira

Benjamin De Oliveira

Studying sciences and practicing sports at national level provided me with the tools to analyse and think logically. It also gave me a strong will to succeed and embrace hard work.

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I approached “lutherie”, the art of making wooden, stringed instruments, from a sciences point of view, through a series of tests to optimize the instrument's qualities (Flexions, frequencies but also holistic, wood is a living material that needs and deserves to be treated with respect throughout the entire building process and after).

I believe that be the materials’ flow of energy adds unmeasurable value to the craftsmanship. When we say that instruments have got soul, it is clear to me that luthiers transmit their energy during each stage of the build. It’s a labour of love

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